Purchasing a Puppy from Us

Our puppies are priced at $1600.00 – $1800.00 for a companion Havanese and $2000.00 – $2200.00 for companion Coton’s. Prices include microchipping, registration papers, current shots, deworming, and veterinarian health check prior to leaving and a great guarantee on our puppies. If these dogs are too pricey for your budget – we sometimes have older puppies or adults that can be adopted. Talk to us about your options.

  1. Reservation process:
    This process begins when you request an application from us. We use this application to gauge what puppy would fit best into your home; as well this application helps us get to know you better. We carefully select puppies for you to choose from by emailing you pictures. Theses selections are made very carefully as these companions are a lifelong commitment. Once the perfect puppy is selected, we send out a care and training manual that will prepare you for you new addition. This booklet is a guide to crate training, feeding, grooming and taking care of you puppy. You may want to print this booklet out and keep it for future reference. Lastly, to secure your puppy in our reservation process a $350.00 deposit will need to be paid. You can request an application from us by calling 306-716-1047 or emailing us at jomarans@sasktel.net.
  2. Shipping process:
    We take care of the flight arrangements and any necessary documents that are needed to pick up pup. Whenever we can, we try to book direct or the shortest flight possible. We will email all the flight arrangements to you a couple days prior to day of flight. Flight dates and times are subject o change due to weather. You would be notified 24 hours prior to arrival time. In the airplane, the puppies are placed in special live animal hold that is pressurized and temperature controlled. You will be required to purchase a crate from us to ship your puppy in. These are excellent quality kennels that are appropriate for your dog when he is an adult. The kennels are Italian made, airline approved and streamline for easy cleaning. The cost of shipping is paid prior to sending out the pup.At times, the puppy will fly with us to their destination or people have flown here and picked up their pup. Sometimes, we are able to ship a couple of pups together. This is great company for both pups and does save on flight costs for our clients.
  3. Contract and warranty:
    All puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract unless they are for breeding or showing purposes. The following is from our contract regarding our warranty.Buyer should have dog checked by a veterinarian within 2 working days of purchase, or receipt of dog, to ensure that dog is normal and healthy. Seller’s responsibility for life threatening communicable disease is void if not reported to seller within 3 days of purchase. A signed veterinary statement with diagnosis, diagnostic test results, veterinarian’s state or province of licenser and license number must be delivered to seller within 5 days of buyer’s receipt of dog. It should be faxed, to insure time constraints.

    If, during the first 24 months of dog’s life, dog develops a documented life threatening hereditary or congenital defect, which significantly affects the health or the quality of dog’s life, the dog will be replaced with another dog when one is available. In order to obtain a replacement dog, buyer must return dog to seller with a signed veterinary statement, with the veterinarian’s state or province of licenser and license number as well as the tests, confirming diagnosis. Seller will seek diagnosis with one or more veterinary specialists, for confirmation of diagnosis, before replacement of dog. A malnourished, obese, or abused condition will void replacement of dog. Seller is not responsible for reimbursement of accumulated expenses, or transportation costs, only for the replacement of dog, when a dog is available. Replacement of the dog will hopefully be made within a 6 month period. For this warranty to be valid, you must have kept the puppy under the care of a licensed vet.
    The contract will include gender, breed, color, microchip number, names of the sire and dam and their registration numbers. Also, included are vaccination dates, dates for next set of vaccinations and vet check ups.

  4. Arrival Instructions:
    Most puppies arrive in a clean crate but some do have accidents. It is good go greet your puppy with a hug and a clean blanket or towel. You may want to let the puppy out on grass for a bit so he can relieve himself. We provided frozen water in a dish attached inside the crate but you should provide your puppy with fresh water as soon as possible. You should wait to fee him until you have arrived home. Your puppy my not want to eat right away but leave a bit of food available, when puppy is hungry- he will eat.

    What you will need for you new puppy?

  5. Support:
    If you have any questions or concerns with your puppy please feel free to call or email us. We will get back to you as soon as we can. The care and training manual also has a lot of valuable information that will guide you through puppy stages and into adulthood.
  6. Recommended Reading:
    – The dog Listener by Jan Fennel
    – The Art of Raising a Puppy written by the Monks of New Skete
    – Eliminate on Command by Smith
    – Cesar Milan has some excellent books and videos out on the market.
    – Website that we have found to helpful and full of information and supplies are;