Links K9 Britebark is a business located in Victoria, B.C. that specializes in anesthetic free oral care for your pet. Call 250-592-2323 for further information. They use only the most fresh and natural ingredients made in Alberta, Canada. Their food is distributed across Canada and also in parts of the States. Innova dog food produced in the States but they too, use only the most fresh and natural ingredients. Oral hygiene for dogs to order quote order #180802379 or call 1-800-333-7374 and quote order number. Jewelry designer, Michele La Vie is based our of White Rock, B.C and makes wonderful handmade dog collar charms and matching ladies pendants. Tickidee Boo; This is a little Coton de Tulear dog that was born at Jomarans.   This is a cute video of a typical Coton. Mia is another adorable Jomarans pup!

Nuvet: All Natural Pet Supplement. To order call 1-800-474-7044, code 37275.

Pottypark: Potty Park™ pheromone enhanced synthetic grass surface lets your dog know this is where to relieve themselves.  Simply place Potty Park™ where you wish your dog to relieve itself.  To order: call 1-866-664-6188 - ext #102 and quote code SKJOM09.