Havanese with Sad face

The Havanese is an ideal dog in many ways: cuddly, affectionate, intelligent, non-shedding and hypo-allergic. Their average size of 10 pounds and 10 inches makes them perfect companion for city or country living.

Jomarans Kennels is the home of the first Canadian born conformation Havanese Champion as well as the first Canadian born obedience Champion (with multiple titles). In addition, we are the home of the first foundation Havanese dog in Canadian kennel club stud book. This happened in the 2000, when the Havanese were first accepted as a new breed.

We have the privilege of having three direct lines of CKC Champions – Grandfather; CH. Jomarans Quincy’s Magic Charm, Father; CH. Jomarans Sacarse el Gordo and son; CH. Jomarans Curly’s Magical Charm.

The main focus of our breeding program is to raise puppies that are sound in both physical and mental health. Our puppies receive the proper amount of socialization as they are being raised. We follow a very specific careful socialization process with each puppy born at Jomarans. This bio sensory technique is highly regarded with many dog breeders as a way to make sure that every puppy will reach its full potential. We provide a two year written health guarantee with any puppies purchased, as well as further information regarding training, feeding, grooming and basic care. Our breeding dogs have all been cerfed (eyes examined by a certified veterinary opthamologist) and given regular vet checkups. All puppies are examined for luxating patellas, and given a thorough health check-up, and vaccinations before they are placed in their new homes. If at any time you find you are unable to care for your puppy or dog, we offer a LIFETIME return policy.

On occasion we also have older pups and adults available for adoption. Please contact us regarding these options.

Havenese PupsThere are many good books on the market that I would suggest as a reference to any prospective puppy owner. Your library should have copies of these books, if you do not wish to purchase it. One is called The Art of Raising a Puppy and is written by the Monks of New Skete. The dog Listener by Jan Fennel is another great book or anything by Cesar Milan.

We have several litters of puppies each year, with a variety of different bloodlines and colors available. We have successfully shipped our puppies across Canada, the US, and Europe. Average prices for our pet puppies range from $1600.00 for males and $1800.00 for females. We offer discounts on these prices if two puppies are purchased. Rare colors and Champion sired pups are priced differently, and our show dogs are priced at about $3000.00 – $3500.00.

Our purchase prices will be guaranteed for six months for people making deposits at this time.

Please email us at jomarans@sasktel.net with any questions and to request an application. You are welcome to make a deposit of $350.00 to reserve the next available puppy that is suitable for you.