Client Testimonials

“I adopted Velvet as a adult and she has proven to be a great companion in my apartment. As a matter of fact, she’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. She is very loving and devoted. She gets along well with all of the other dogs in my apartment building and always greets them eagerly. Wherever I go in my apartment, she follows. If I’m sitting on the couch watching TV, she will sit on the couch beside me. When I go to bed, she looks up at me until I pick her up onto the bed, and then she finds a spot for herself there. She can jump up on the bed by herself, but she sort of waits for my permission. If I have to go out and do errands, she seems to sense this and goes into her crate, but I always leave the door open and give her a few treats. I really don’t know if she comes out of there while I’m gone, but she greets me at the door when I come back. When our family gets together, she loves running around with “Cousins” Mugsy and Shmooey, my daughters dogs. She is proving to be the perfect match for me, and I can’t thank you enough.”

Client Testimonials“We cannot thanks Delores and Cathy enough for helping to bring Nick and Nora Charles into our lives. The puppies areeverything we had hoped for and they bring joy to our lives every day. Dealing with Jomarans was a tremendously positive experience for us; Cathy and Delores were always there to answer any questions we may have had and were able to make sure that we got the right puppies for us. Considering that we live in Ontario, there was never any time where we felt distanced, since Cathy and Delores were always quick to respond, and provided us with lots of support throughout the entire adoption process. We are so happy to be part of the Jomarans family and thank Cathy and Delores once again for everything!”

“Just a short note to advise that Sherlock is now 15 and is as spry as ever. He is without a doubt the best dog we have ever had the blessing to know. A great watch dog, a great companion and a great friend.”

“He’s been a little blessing and has helped my daughter heal tremendously after tragically losing her sister….. He has been heaven sent… this little dog that was born specifically to fulfill his life’s purpose. You were an answer to mine and a little girl’s prayers 6 years ago….. Keep up the great work!”

“My precious Faith is just wonderful. Everywhere she goes, people just marvel at her energy and what a happy little girl she is. She is a wonderful companion and I can’t tell you how much I love her.”

“Joey that we got from you 6 years ago is great and doing really well. He is healthy and spoiled past the point of no return.”

“We are loving every minute with Jazz who will be 4 years old and is a very happy, healthy boy. Warm regards”

“Just to let you know the dogs are doing very well and are a have become a very important part of our family.”

“Luigi (he will be two) and Charlie (he will be one in April). They are an amazing addition to our family. Thank you for sending us two of the funniest and sweetest dogs you had.”

“Our puppy really is so lovey-dovey and that pleases us to no end. Tonight we had 4 balls going. Two for my son and two for puppy and they were running circles around each other. Now both of my babies are passed out on the bed. Puppy has also become very attached to my husband. He is a trained massage therapist so puppy gets treated to wonderful rubs every night including paw massages. She is certainly a spoiled pooch and very loved. She brings us an immense amount of joy. She is not a replacement for our dog that passed away, since she is different from him in many ways but she fills a void in our lives.”