About Us

We are a family owned business located in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. Our dogs have daily interaction with multiple generations – from Grandpa to young children. We love the small town, farm atmosphere, while still being close enough to all the conveniences of the big city.

We are members of several dog clubs:

Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

We have been a member of the CKC since 1987. This Club registers purebred dogs, regulates dog shows and performance events in Canada. In 2000, the CKC recognized the Havanese breed. The first Havanese dog to be registered with the CKC was from Jomarans Kennel. The CKC is incorporated under Animal Pedigree Act which is the federal legislation that regulates all animal pedigree records in Canada.

Canine Federation of Canada

The Cotons are still a rare breed in Canada. The rare breed dogs are registered through the Canine Federation of Canada and we have been a member since 2000. The Canine Federation of Canada is a member of the Canadian Livestocks Record Corporation (CLRC). This organization is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada, just like the CKC. Canine Federation of Canada (CFC) is an organization independent from the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Dogs are judged under the FCI format. Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) which means World Canine Organizatrion. This organization is a very elite international federation of kennel clubs based in Thuin, Belgium. Their aim is to encourage and promote purebred breeding internationally. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale has 84 member countries and acts as an international coordinating body, making sure that pedigrees and judges are internationally recognized.


United Kennel Club (UKC)

The UKC was the first registry in North America to recognize the Havanese breed and the first to register the Havanese. Many of the Havanese breeders in Canada and the United States have bloodlines that trace to the first North American registered Havanese dogs, registered only at that time by the UKC. The American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club Havanese records originate from the Havanese foundation records of the United kennel club.

In the early 1990’s we helped introduce the Havanese breed in Canada. Jomarans Kennels is the home of many Champions (both conformation and obedience) and we are now working with 2nd and 3rd generation Champion dogs. Presently several of our dogs are doing well in the show ring. Despite very limited showing, Jomarans Curly’s Magical Charm is ranked as one of the United Kennel club’s 10 top Havanese for 2010.

As a breeder for over 20 years, our puppies have multiple generations of healthy adults behind them. Our puppies come to you pre-spoiled, happy and most importantly, healthy and socialized. Our goal is to produce puppies that carry the best qualities of each parent. All our puppies are registered, and come with a two year written health guarantee. We provide an in-depth care and training booklet with information regarding training, feeding, grooming and basic care. All puppies are examined for luxating patellas, and given a thorough health checkup, microchipped and vaccinations before they are placed in their new homes. If at any time you find you are unable to care for your puppy any longer, please let us know so we can help in finding a new home.